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Commercial Generators in Kansas City

Protect your investment; your business depends on reliable power to function. The typical electric utility has a 98% reliability record, but outages can be caused by various external issues; ice storms are most common in our area, but flooding, lightning, automobile accidents, and even squirrels can turn the power off. The typical power outage lasts 10 minutes, which if you don't have a generator, is enough time to derail productivity. Can your business be competitive with a 98% reliability record?

Who Should Service Your Generator System?

Facility managers may want to use in-house resources to provide care for their standby power system. And while some tasks, due to their frequency or routine nature can effectively be performed by non-specialized personnel, annual inspections and maintenance procedures may be better left to factory-trained generator technicians. This allows for regular checks by generator technicians who know what to look for.

Our Generators

SmartPower is a dealer for Cummins, Kohler and Generac brand generator systems. Our technicians have training that enables them to maintain, troubleshoot and repair all brands of systems. Since we are a small company, we do not have the overhead of large, national companies. This means a real savings for you in lower maintenance and repair costs. In fact, savings of 30-50% are typical.

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