Most Common Causes of Power Outages

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November 4, 2018
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Most Common Causes of Power Outages

The power grid upon which we rely can be very fragile at times. So much can happen to tax or completely cause it to collapse that it sometimes seems like a small miracle is at work in its constant operation. Here are some of the most common causes of power outages.

  • Storms: The most common cause for storm related power outages is that the high winds that follow them cause trees to come into contact with power lines. Fallen branches and even whole trees can then take out entire neighborhoods. Despite what many people may believe, it is very rare that lighting itself affects lines or poles. When you do see downed power lines you should stay away from them and call your local electric provider.
  • Lightning: Lighting does sometimes strikeelectrical equipment, transmission towers, wires and poles. The resulting surge can cause a blackout to many homes.
  • Animals: Yes, squirrels and similar gnawing critters account for 11% of all outages. Their instinct to nibble at and nest upon warm power lines is irresistible. The next thing you know they can chew into the wrong circuit andboom – you have an outage!
  • Human error: The human factor is huge when it comes to the cause of power outages. Car accidents striking utility poles, people digging in the wrong spot and even too much electricity used during the summer months can cause massive interruptions to the power grid.power outage
  • Planned outages: Oddly enough, the electric company has to make certain upgrades or provide maintenance to their equipment. These planned outages are usually scheduled so customers are generally prepared for them. Still, it is no fun to be left without electrical power.

The long and short of it is that you can never control other people’s behavior nor can you or anyone else control nature. The best you can do is to plan ahead and lessen the chance that power outage will adversely affect you, your family or your business. You can best do this by (a) making a power outage contingency plan and (b), by purchasing either a commercial backup generator in Kansas City or a home standby-by generator in Kansas City. This will be able to take up the slack left in the wake of a power outage and enable you to continue your busy home life or to meet your client’s needs.

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