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Residential Generators in Kansas City

Safe and secure - you can have peace of mind knowing that your standby generator is at the ready any time you are without utility power for any reason. For some, a power outage can be life-threatening; many of our clients have medical needs that make a standby power system not just a luxury, but a necessity.

Other reasons some families consider a generator system as a priority:

  • Preventing food spoilage
  • Protecting basements from flooding
  • Providing security lighting
  • Maintaining phone/data connections

Many contractors will install a generator for your home. But, for your investment to be ready to respond to a utility outage, it must receive the proper care. Most installers will not do it, but we will. Our team is trained in the correct preventive maintenance service for your generator system. Our clients appreciate the 24/7 support that comes with a maintenance program that we provide.

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