The Unseen Dangers of Residential Power Outages

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The Unseen Dangers of Residential Power Outages

As we approach the summer of 2018, blackouts and brownouts are likely to occur at some point all throughout the country. North, South, East or West it does not matter. They are a phenomenon that we all have to deal with at some point or another. And while many of us think of power outages as being mere inconveniences, they can in some ways actually be dangerous. How so? Think about it. Electricity is probably the most vital utility that we have in our homes. To help homeowners be better prepared for the realities of summer-related power outages, Smart Power KC has compiled a list of the dangers that can they pose.

  • Exposure: Power outages can subject you to temperature extremes. This is especially true of young children, seniors and people who are already sick or infirmed. In extreme cases, heat or cold can even lead to conditions that require hospitalization.
  • Food Poisoning: The absence of electricity leads to a lack of refrigeration which can in turn lead to food poisoning. Salmonella, coli and other bacteria thrive in unrefrigerated foods.
  • Crime: There are some people who would not be above taking advantage of a power outage by stealing from others. Spending a night or many nights without some lights on in your home is not only disconcerting, it may actually send the signal to burglars that you are not at home.
  • Increased injuries: It may be necessary to go about your normal household tasks during a blackout. However, performing certain tasks in the dark can increase the risk of you being injured. Moreover, since the medical system will likely be stressed during a blackout, treatment may be delayed should you sustain an injury at such a time.power outage
  • Contaminated water: Finally, during a prolonged black or brownout, water treatment plants are unable to treat the water supply. This can lead to an increase in people being exposed to toxins and waterborne illnesses. This is particularly true if those plants do not have a commercial backup generator.

In short, we rely on electrical power for a great many things. Not only does it power the devices that entertain us, it also keeps us safe in ways that most of us don’t notice until there is a blackout. That’s why it is wise to have a backup generator in Kansas City for your home. Moreover, if you own a company then your need for a standby-by generator for business in Kansas City may be even greater.

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