Tips for Winterizing Your Standby Generator

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September 4, 2018
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November 4, 2018
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Tips for Winterizing Your Standby Generator

Most of us across the country, including the Kansas City area, are about to enter the time of year that poses the biggest challenge to stand-by generators – the winter. Winter power outages can be hell as anyone who has every survived one knows. Having a home standby-by generator in Kansas City is one hedge against this kind of emergency. However, preventative steps must be taken to help keep your generator ready for unexpected outages. Keep reading to learn how to make sure that your standby generator will meet the challenge the upcoming winter months will pose to it.

  • Clear the area around your standby generator: Your generator will need to vent itself and it cannot do so if the area around it is cluttered with debris such as leaves and snow. Moreover, a great deal of clutter around your generator can be dangerous.
  • Install a cold weather kit: A cold weather kit can keep your generator running at peak efficiency even when temperatures have fallen below freezing (32°F).
  • Buy from a company that offers preventative maintenance service for your generator system: Selling you a generator is one thing. Installing one for you is another thing still. However, to get the most utility and value from your generator you must have experts who are willing to offer corrective preventative service for your generator and who can offer you tips on extending its life. This is where our company excels.

Reasons Generators Fail to Start

If you have taken these steps to winterize your generator and it shows signs of failing, then you should definitely contact us rather than tinkering with the unit yourself. Trying to service a generator can be dangerous or even deadly for persons who are not trained to do so. Let’s take a look at some common reasons generators can have a problem starting.winter

  • Battery failure
  • Low coolant levels
  • Oil, fuel, or coolant leaks
  • Not set to auto

If you’ve purchased one of our home stand-by generators or our commercial backup generator in Kansas City, you’ve made a wise first step at creating a sort of insurance policy for your business or home. Winter power outages, apart from being uncomfortable, are costly and inconvenient for everyone involved. They can also be so dangerous as to even cause the loss of life under some circumstances.

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